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appointment, but please make sure the deposit is necessary according to our policy.


Beauty’L is operated by reservation system, which means all of slots might be fully booked

when you walk-in to salon. For this reason, advance online booking is suggested,

but you’ll be more than welcome to visit for consultation at any time.

We’re offering very special promotion for clients on their first visit.

 Classic Natural lash extensions and Volume 2D Full lash extensions set are now offered as

 the promotion at the moment. The price and session are subject to change.  

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Lash Extensions will fall out naturally along with the growth cycle of natural lashes.

 Each person has different pace of lash growth, but the lash extensions could last for up to

4weeks normally. Every 2-3 weeks refill is suggested to maintain full look.


Applying a Classic set normally takes 1~2hrs, and Volume sets need at least 2hrs

They do not if applied correctly and properly.

 Inexperienced, uncertified professional applies lashes often cause clumps or the lash to

 break and fall out easily.

 Please be sure not to rub your eyes or tug and pull on the extensions,

 so that your lashes should stay intact.


Please keep water away from lash extensions for the first 4hrs after application.

 Water can weaken the adhesive before it is set, and cause lashes to fall off.

 And please brush well lashes in order to avoid clumps and stick each other.


Water-proof makeup products such as mascara and eyeliner are not recommended.

 They are hard to remove so can pull off the lashes prematurely when you trying to take

 make-up off. Also oil-based cleanser can melt the adhesive used for extensions

Only difference between them is the number of lashes which applied on.

 Up to 70 fans would be applied on per each eye for the full set, and up to 90 fans for

 the perfect set. (For Classic set, up to 60lashes on Natural, 90lashes on Full)


Semi-Permanent Makeup is also known as ‘Cosmetic Tattooing’, which means make scar on

 your skin (eyebrows or eyelines) in order to make them have coloured as similar to tattoo.

 Beauty’L’s skilled and certified specialists offer Eyebrows and Eyeliners tattoo, and

 the session includes in-depth consultation to make perfectly tailored look for you.


Yes, we offer both of microblading and shading for eyebrows semi-permanent makeup.

There’re two ways of Eyebrows semi-permanent makeup : Microblading and Shading.

 Microblading is drawing every stroke of hair, so that make more natural look.

 Shading can be done for who want darker colour and obvious look.


Yes you can. But please make sure that too much uses of cleansing products can cause premature fading out of colour.


Sure we can. Eyeline tattoo is done on waterline under your lashes (please make sure that

 it’s not upper side one), and we can draw thin, thick or even upward eyelines for you